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Symposium in Honor of Julia Robinson’s 100th Birthday December 09, 2019
Registration Deadline: December 09, 2019 about 2 months from now
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Location: MSRI: Simons Auditorium, Atrium
University of California, Berkeley
Organizers Hélène Barcelo (MSRI - Mathematical Sciences Research Institute), Thomas Scanlon (University of California, Berkeley), Carol Wood (Wesleyan University)

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A Symposium on the occasion of Julia Robinson’s 100th birthday will be held on Monday December 9, 2019 at MSRI. Julia Robinson (1919-1985) was a leading mathematical logician of the twentieth century, and notably a first in many ways, including the first woman president of the American Mathematical Society and the first woman mathematician elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences. Her most famous work, together with Martin Davis and Hilary Putnam, led to Yuri Matiyasevich's solution in the negative of Hilbert’s Tenth Problem, showing that  there is no general algorithmic solution for  Diophantine equations. She contributed in other topics as well. Her 1948 thesis  linked the undecidability of the field of rational numbers to Godel’s proof of undecidability of the ring of integers.  Confirmed participants in this day-long celebration of her work and of current mathematics insprired by her research include: Lenore Blum, who will give a public lecture, Lou van den Dries, Martin Davis, Kirsten Eisentrager, and Yuri Matiyasevich. This symposium is free of charge and open to the public. Advance registration is requested to assist with workshop logistics, but registration on site is also available. Photo credit: George Bergman For information and viewing links for the documentary film "Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem", featuring many of the symposium participants, visit Zala Films. 
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