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WARNING: You are currently visiting an archive of MSRI's website, information on this page is not maintained. Please go to for current information.
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For Visitors / Members

Member Handbook

The Member Handbook is a document that new members can consult to answer questions on MSRI, its policies and important facility and administrative information.

Computing Information

You will find links to computing resources and documentation for the systems and software on the Computing section of our web site.

Application Materials

Applications for applying to visit MSRI, as well as the necessary forms are available online. Also available are descriptions on how to propose an MSRI event or program.

Checking Out

We ask that members who are leaving MSRI at the end of their stays, in addition to returning their pass card, bus pass, and office key, fill out a short online form to give us their forwarding address, help us in our program assessment and reporting and to help improve the MSRI experience of future members. A link to the checkout form will be e-mailed to you a week before your checkout date.

Shuttle Bus Schedule

UC Berkeley has a shuttle bus that makes it easy to get up the hill to MSRI from the Berkeley campus. Find the schedule and other related information here.

Restaurants and Shopping

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory maintains a comprehensive listing with maps and reviews, that attempts to answer that burning question: "Where are we going to get dinner?"

A complete listing of restaurants in central Berkeley, classified by type but without reviews, can be found at, a site that also lists shopping and entertainment in the same area (jazz, theater, movies, farmer's markets etc -- but not University events.)


A Happy and healthy mind is the result of mental and physical exercise. We provide a lot of the mental exercise, but where are good local places to get the physical? Luckily some ex-staffers have provided a MSRI area Recreation Resource List of recreational opportunities in the Berkeley area. We also provide maps of some of the local hiking trails a step away from the MSRI building.

Directions, Public Transportation and Parking

Find out how to get here and around the Berkeley area, by car, bus or foot.

Travel Information and Policies

Important information about MSRI travel information and policies.

Visa Information

Visa Information for international visitors.

Short Term Housing

Resources to help visitors find temporary Housing in the Berkeley area.

Child Care

How to address childcare related needs and answers to some other parental questions. The Berkeley Parents Network is another useful resource for visitors with children of any age.


What does it look like at MSRI? If you have the Apple Quicktime software, you can get an idea here.
The Quicktime player is a free download from Apple for Macs and Windows.

You can also see pictures of MSRI and the environment around MSRI on our Pictures page.


During non-workshop days at MSRI, members and staff can order lunch on-line.

WARNING: You are currently visiting an archive of MSRI's website.
Any form submissions you make here will not be retained or sent to MSRI staff. This site is to be used for reference only.