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Postdoc Mentor Guidelines

Mentor’s Role

We require commitment from the mentor at the host Institution that they will follow MSRI mentoring guidelines. The mentor must agree to designate a weekly meeting, at which some or all of the following items will be discussed:

Establishing a research plan including:

  • Discussing, at the beginning of the semester, the project(s) the PD is pursuing and the choice of future projects
  • Introducing the PD to senior researchers in the PD’s area
  • Advising on writing paper and giving feedback on paper drafts
  • Advising about publication (e.g. how quickly to publish a thesis, choosing and dealing with journals, etc.)
  • Advising on the writing of an NSF grant proposal; feedback on proposal drafts

Professional development; help with:

  • Writing a CV and a research and teaching statements
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Giving a good talk
  • Critiquing talks given by the PD; also advising on giving talks at national meetings
  • Discussing the aspects of an academic career (proportion of research/teaching/service at various stages of one’s career; etc.)

We will ask for a quarterly report from mentor and PD on their experience and progress addressing these points.